We'll start with a deep clean

When you arrange for residential cleaning services, we recommend scheduling a deep clean first. That way, you can be confident your place is clean from top to bottom. After that, we can perform more general cleaning services to stay on top of dirt and dust and disinfect your space. Our deep cleaning service includes:

  • Dusting baseboards
  • Washing the walls
  • Cleaning scuff marks
  • Dusting fans
  • Cleaning inside the fridge
  • Cleaning cabinets inside and out
  • Wiping down toilets and showers

90% of our products are natural, so our detail-oriented team will leave your home looking spotless and safe. Enjoy a clean home by scheduling house cleaning services today.


Invest in a deep clean

If it's been a while since your bedroom was thoroughly cleaned, general residential cleaning services might not be enough. We offer deep cleaning services if you want to make your room feel brand-new. Our team will...

  • Dust baseboards, flooring and fans
  • Wash walls and clean off scuff marks
  • Clean hard-to-reach places like the corners of your ceiling

You can rest assured that every inch of your bedroom will be clean. Contact us at 414-909-3037 for a professional bedroom cleaning.


Why hire a professional team?

Cleaning might sound like an easy job, but there are many reasons to turn to the pros when you need residential cleaning services. Choose Divine Touch Cleaning because...

  • You can spend more time relaxing instead of doing chores.
  • Our skilled team can access hard-to-reach places to provide a thorough cleaning.
  • We know how to disinfect surfaces properly to make sure your kitchen is safe.

Get a free estimate on professional cleaning services when you contact us today.


Get cleaning services as often as you need them

No matter how clean your bathroom is, it will eventually collect new dirt and grime. You can take cleaning off your mind by hiring Divine Touch Cleaning for recurring residential cleaning services.

We can visit your home weekly, biweekly or monthly. Our team will arrive on a set schedule that's convenient for you to keep your bathroom sparkling.

Set up recurring cleaning services by calling 414-909-3037 now.