4 Simple Microwave Cleaning Hacks That Work!

Try these 4 simple methods of cleaning your microwave!  These hacks go beyond just cleaning the splatters, by also taming your super-smelly microwave.

Home microwave ovens have been popular for over fifty years. In 1967, the Amana Radarange first went on the market.

Now, it’s hard to find an American kitchen without a microwave. And it’s also hard to find an American that doesn’t have a story to tell of an exploding bowl of spaghetti, or some other similar microwave catastrophe.

Do you try your best not to look around the inside of yours when you’re putting food in or taking it out? If it’s used, often or not, it more than likely needs a good scrubbing. But don’t worry, a dirty microwave is not a big deal. We’re going to show you the best way to clean a microwave using four different methods. And we’re not just talking about a surface cleaning — these hacks go beyond the splatters to tame super-smelly microwaves, too!

Hack #1: Cleaning With Vinegar

Hack #2: Cleaning With Lemon

Hack #3: Cleaning With Soap

Hack #4: Cleaning With Window Cleaner

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