6 Easy Ways to Clean a Mirror or Window Without Glass Cleaner

While glass cleaner works well for its intended purpose, there are times where you either don’t have it on hand or simply want to avoid using it. Whatever the reason, just know that there are plenty of reasonable options to choose from when you need a good substitute that will produce similar results.

1) Water

The cheapest and easiest way to clean a mirror or window without using Windex is to simply use water. While glass cleaners, like Windex, will work far batter at removing built-up grime, fingerprints, etc, if you're the type of person that cleans regularly you can probably get by with water and elbow grease here and there. Not only is the most economic option, but it's also the least toxic. 


2) Disinfecting Wipes 

Another easy option for cleaning glass that doesn’t involve glass cleaner is to use a disinfecting wipe. Clorox even recommends using them for this purpose on their website. 


3) Baby Wipes 

A simple substitute for glass cleaner and you're likely to find new uses for these things all the time! They seem to do a pretty good job of cleaning glass and are definitely less toxic to use than a disinfecting wipe. You can use them to clean a small spot on a window really quickly as they're usually always easy to keep on hand and within arms reach.


4) Liquid Dish Soap 

A good DIY alternative for glass cleaner is to mix a few drops of liquid dish soap with water. This is a relatively low-cost way to get your windows or mirrors clean and can be pretty effective. Just make sure to use a microfiber cloth or similar material that doesn’t leave any lint behind.

If you want to really go DIY, use a coffee filter instead of a microfiber cloth or paper towel. Coffee filters don’t tear easily, they don’t leave lint behind, and they’re made to hold up when wet. Best of all, they’re cheap and something you probably already have on hand.


5) Dryer Sheets 

While we’re thinking outside of the box, another DIY way to clean your glass surfaces without glass cleaner is to use a dryer sheet. Dryer sheets are known to work well for this purpose, and many people use them to clean their glass doors in their showers. Even a used dryer sheet will do the trick, so don’t throw them away after they’ve made the trip through your dryer. This might also be a good use for your dryer sheets if you decide that you don’t want to use them in your dryer anymore.


6) Vinegar 

Last, but not least, another good substitute for glass cleaner is to use vinegar. Simply mix vinegar and water in a 50/50 ratio or less (using less vinegar), then clean as you would with any of the other options above. This is the go-to solution for many people and works very well as an alternative for Windex. 

Credit: https://wigglywisdom.com/how-to-clean-glass-without-glass-cleaner/?fbclid=IwAR0fplKj5ijpOlTHOmpk4iyvK0eR8dB9IbbmjFNBNUjk8iXjY__PxOUWfQI